Vema Lift Oy's extensive experience dates back to the late 1980's when first unit was delivered to the customer. During these over 30 years of operation Vema Lift Oy has delivered almost one thousand units to satisfied customers all over the world. Our business idea and product concept have been developed through years of hard work and dedication to fulfill our customer's needs.

Solid background

Vema Lift Oy is a privately owned completely Finnish company.

Vema Lift  Oy belongs to Kiitokori Group, a Finnish manufacturer of special vehicles. Other Group companies include Saurus Oy a company manufacturing fire engines and rescue vehicles, and Kiitokori Oy manufacturing bus-based special vehicles.

Vema Lift Oy's mission

Over the years Vema Lift Oy has been known as a company of high-quality products. This is still valid, but we also provide value for our customers. This value is summarized in our mission: To optimize the performance of our customers' ability to do rescue operations. Time and time again. This means that we are a customer-focused company that supplies products and solutions that help our customers to save lifes and properties. We define the challenges faced by our customers and offer them solutions that respond to their true needs.


It is obvious that all Vema Lift Oy's units fulfill the latest requirements of the relevant standards such as EN 1777 and CCCF in China.

Vema Lift Oy is having ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.