4 January 2022 at 11.00 am EET

VEMA Support Team New Contact Number! +358 50 395 8555

We have new number on use for 24/7 Service Support.

Our experienced staff are available to deal with technical enquiries over the phone, offering solutions to problems. Vema have an comprehensive product information database. Vema is transcend in its ability to give right advices and information for its customers.

VEMA Service Link

VEMA Service Link secure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible conditions for decades. VEMA service platform will help you maximise the value of your investment by ensuring best performance and keeping your personnel safe.

VEMA Service Link offers service tools. Service Link gives you complete access to your aerial’s operational data, service cycles and a direct connection between our support team and your aerials. 

VEMA Service Link gives you possibility to have remote training.

With Service Link, your aerial device will stay in constant connection with VEMA support team anywhere is a mobile data connection. Your connected aerial sends information logs to Service Link every hour – or immediately, if a fault situation occurs.

Press Release 23 November 2021 at 2.00 pm EET

Esa Peltola appointed as CEO of Nordic Rescue Group 

Nordic Rescue Group’s CEO Matti Huttunen is leaving the company. Nordic Rescue Group’s Board of Directors has appointed Esa Peltola as the new CEO. Peltola has extensive industry experience. Among other things, Peltola has previously worked as the CEO of Bronto Skylift, and is also one of the founders of Vema Lift.

“Esa Peltola is extremely competent in successful business development. I am happy to be appointing Esa to lead the organisation and implement the company’s strategy,” says Carl Haglund, Chair of the Board of Directors at Nordic Rescue Group.

“Esa Peltola will be an excellent CEO for Nordic Rescue Group. He has strong industry expertise, diverse work experience and excellent track record of world-class business development,” says Sievi Capital’s CEO Jussi Majamaa.

“I am very motivated by the new position. Highly skilled personnel and competitive products form an excellent foundation on which to build our future,” says new CEO Esa Peltola.

Nordic Rescue Group’s Board of Directors thanks Matti Huttunen for his contribution to the company. During his term as CEO, Nordic Rescue Group has, among other things, laid the groundwork for future growth and expanded to Sweden through an acquisition.

New VEMA 45F has been delivered to Helsinki, Finland

Vema Lift Oy has delivered VEMA 45F to Helsingin kaupungin pelastuslaitos in Finland. The speciality of this unit is that the transportation height... Read more »


NORDIC RESCUE GROUP LEADS VEMA LIFT TO GROWTH, NEW FACTORY IN FINLAND Vema Lift Oy has signed a contract for a new factory with Hannumet Oy... Read more »