Customized Solutions

The customer's needs, wishes and operation circumstances are always taken into account when Vema Lift Oy is manufacturing the units. This is including for example the selection of any of the fittings such as fire extinguishing systems, working cage outfittings,  flashing beacon and working lights as well as the detail design work for satisfying the customer.

Top Quality Outfittings

In all VEMA units are used only high quality components from well known brands for securing a trouble free operation and availability of spares in far beyond the future.

Control Systems

All Vema Lift Oy's units are equipped with easy to use and tested control system. All unit functions can be done via touch screen panels and joysticks.

One feature of the control system is self diagnostic that helps the user in the case of any problem situation.

Vema Lift Oy can provide any operation language required by the customer to the operation panels.

Corrosion Protection

All the VEMA boom sections are powdercoated to atmospheric corrosivity category C4 = demading environmental stresses. This means both inner and outer powdercoated surfaces having film thickness >= 160 µm and 15 years corrosion protection.

Naturally all the other material selections have been done following to this corrosion protection level including for example stainless steel made bodywork frames, plates and water piping.

Maintenance Friendly Design

Any of the mechanical device needs regular service and maintenance for securing a long trouble free operation. For that reason VEMA units have been made as maintenance friendly as possible. In practise this means that all wearing parts, hydraulic valves, sensors and filters have been located such a position that the maintenance work is easy to execute even sometimes not in the optimal circumstances.